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Time flies when you’re having fun! We can’t believe it, but it’s been a whole year since we moved our shop! While moving is always a herculean effort, moving a business AND continuing to operate is quite the challenge! Our new space has put us closer to 90% of our Clients, streamlined commutes, and provided more warehouse, office, and outdoor storage space.

While we’re at it, are you moving anytime soon? Our service area extends all over the West Metro; so let us know if you need our help! Keep our Landscape Design/Build Division in mind for sprucing up that curb appeal before your house hits the market! In the meantime, check out this link for more expansive curb appeal options.


Spring in Minnesota can be unpredictable and contradictory – 34 degrees and sleet one day, and 70 degrees with perfect blue skies and sunshine the next. While it’s tempting to get outside on that first warm day and tackle all your lawn care projects, don’t do too much too quickly. Here are a few spring lawn care tips.

The snow may be melted, but wait until the ground and grass are mostly dry before raking. If the turf is too soft, you may pull grass up by its roots. If your lawn suffers from snow mold (circular, straw-colored patches), you’ll want to gently rake these areas to promote drying and prevent further fungal growth.

While fall is typically the best time to aerate Minnesota lawns, if the yard is hard, bumpy, or packed, you may want to consider aerating in spring with a fall follow-up. Weeds love hard-packed soil.

Like any plant, grass needs food to survive. Fertilizers provide missing nutrients. Lawns that require a higher level of maintenance, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, will need an early application of fertilizer. Shady or lower-maintenance lawns need about half as much fertilizer.

Minnesota lawns can fall victim to a wide variety of weeds:
• Broadleaf, like dandelion, thistle, and Creeping Charlie. Spring is the best time to use chemically-based methods to control annual weeds such as chickweed and knotweed.
• Grass Weeds, like crabgrass and foxtail, should be treated pre-emergence in the spring.

The amount and types of weeds can vary from lawn to lawn, even in the same neighborhood, so treatment may differ as well.

If your lawn has seen better days, it may be time to take additional maintenance steps. There are pros and cons for both seeding and laying sod. Seeding can be time-consuming and frustrating, taking a longer time for the lawn to become established and dense. Sod is a cleaner, quicker option, but may not produce the same quality lawn that results from seeding. Spring is a good time to lay sod, but it’s better to wait until late summer or early fall to seed.

There are a lot of elements that go into a well-maintained, appealing lawn. CB Services has the experience and know-how you need to keep your lawn looking its best. Call us today for a no-obligation estimate for your outdoor maintenance needs. We’ll keep your lawn looking its best – and you can enjoy summer! Visit our website for more information about our lawn care services and contact us today!


We’re very excited to announce that CB Services has launched our new website!

We invite you to spend a few minutes exploring the fresh, new website design. It’s easy to navigate in order to learn about each of our services. We offer a number of residential and commercial outdoor maintenance services, including:

Lawn Care – consistent, quality lawn mowing, fertilization, spring and fall cleanup, and more.
Landscaping Services – design, installation, improvements, maintenance, and more.
Irrigation – system installation, sprinkler head repair, winterization, and more.
Snow and Ice Removal – Driveway, parking lot, and sidewalk snow and ice removal, and more.

Our new website also features an easy-to-use form to request a service estimate. Simply fill out the form and we’ll contact you to discuss your outdoor maintenance needs and discuss next steps.

CB Services clients can now manage their accounts with our Client Login. This provides convenient, instant access to your account information and the option to pay your bill online.

In addition, we’ve added a blog. Stay-up-to-date on the news from CB Services as well as the latest information about outdoor maintenance services.

Visit our Photo Gallery for a sampling of the work we’ve done for homeowners and businesses in Maple Grove, Minnesota, and the surrounding northwestern suburbs.

CB Services is a local, family-owned and operated business. We take great pride in our community and the level of service that we provide to each of our customers. Our outdoor maintenance experts work closely with you to fully understand your needs and the scope of every project.

We’re dedicated to delivering quality, customized work, whether you need consistent lawn mowing and snow removal or creative outdoor living spaces and stunning landscape design.

With a combined 40 years of experience in the outdoor maintenance services industry, CB Services provides exceptional service and care at a competitive price. We’re fully licensed and insured, and are a member of the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association as well as the Snow and Ice Management Association.

Interested in learning more about our residential and commercial outdoor maintenance services? Visit our website and contact us today!