We have finally thawed out from the latest polar vortex. However we continue to see the stories from Texas on the nightmare of broken and frozen pipes. There is a valuable lesson for us to learn too.

If you have an irrigation system, now is a great time to inspect any backflow failures. Simply go outside and see if you have ANY ice buildup around or below the drain plug or spigot area (depending on your setup). Once winterized, there should be NO ice forming from these areas. If there is ice, that is an indication that the valve inside your house is failing and water is starting to seep by. This is especially common in areas that have hard water sourced from aquifers, such as Maple Grove.

While you’re out and about, it is also a good time to check vent pipes from furnaces and water heaters. Public safety agencies are reminding people to bundle up, take a look, and clear any blockages from these pipes. Not only can these clogged pipes wreak havoc on your furnace’s operation, but it could cause a build-up of carbon monoxide inside the home which can be dangerous to your families’ life and safety. Check out this article on vent pipe ice buildup.