3 Perks of Grass Seed Vs Sod

Posted by CB Services

When you are planning to redo your lawn, the two main choices are grass seed and sod. So, which one should you choose? Seed is the one that a lot of people choose, and we are going to look at three reasons why below.

grass seed

Grass Seed is Cheaper

When you look at the price of seed vs using sod, you are going to find that it’s a lot less expensive. This is the reason why a lot of people choose grass seed. Sod can cost anywhere from 10-20x higher than using grass seed.

You Have More Choices with Seed

When you look at the different varieties of seeds that you can choose from and compare them with sod, there really is no comparison. When you have more choices, you are able to find the right variety for your lighting, soil, and climate conditions. It also will give you access to types that are better resistant to disease, drought, and pestilence.

Grass Seed Develops Stronger Roots

When you use sod, the roots are severed. This results in shallow, limited, and short. This can make it harder for the roots to establish. In contrast, seed will grow undisturbed where it’s sown. This means that it will develop a root system that’s deeper and stronger root from its outset and in the future. This means that your lawn is low-maintenance and thicker. Thanks to its deeper roto systems, your grass will be able to reach the water tables easier so it’s more drought resistant. It also will be reaching more nutrients, so you won’t have to fertilize as often.

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